Nick for Windows 10

Nick for Windows 10

Access pictures and short videos from Nickelodeon


  • Vidoes loaded quickly
  • Easy to use interface
  • Sort by characters


  • No full episodes
  • Games pop you into a browser
  • Video clips are very short

Not bad

Nick for Windows 8 is a streaming video application that lets you watch clips from your favorite shows.

If you have a child who likes watching shows on Nickelodeon, then Nick for Windows 8 is a good app to download for them to watch short clips and view pictures of their favorite Nick characters. Beyond that, Nick for Windows 8 doesn't do much.

There is a 'Games' section in Nick for Windows 8 but all it does is aggregate a bunch of links to Flash games on Nickelodeon's website. Clicking on a game will pop you out of the app and into a browser, which is a pretty jarring experience.

There are plenty of video clips but they are very short, usually less than a minute. There are no full episodes of Nickelodeon cartoons, making Nick for Windows 8 a very limited experience. Parents will still have to rely on streaming video apps and services like Netflix to get full episodes.

In the end, Nick for Windows 8 doesn't really do much. The app is more of a hub to take you into a browser to do what you actually want. While it may entice kids initially, the lack of content and features will have them bored quickly.

Nick for Windows 10


Nick for Windows 10

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    The nick app is a app.
    nick was a awsome channel to watch that looks awsome to go on
    Pros: victorious icarl...   More